Vice President of India Says Ensure time bound disposal of election petitions, criminal cases & Decide anti-defection cases

Vice President of India Says Ensure time bound disposal of election petitions, criminal cases & Decide anti-defection cases

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Vice President of India Says Ensure time-bound disposal of election petitions, criminal cases & Decide anti-defection cases:

In a recent press release as 30th of March 2019, it has been made clear that the President of India, i.e., Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, while speaking at the 125th anniversary celebrations of Visakhapatnam District Court Bar Association, has called for speedy disposal of election petitions and criminal cases against political leaders pending before various courts. He also suggested the setting up of separate benches to expedite all such cases within six months or one year. He suggested the use of state’s official language in court proceedings.

Pointing out that a large amount of money was locked up in long pending tax-related litigations; the Vice President said that delays in judicial litigations and proceedings could affect the image of the country. Expressing concern over pendency of 3.12 crore cases at various courts, Shri Naidu urged upon the Courts and the Bar Associations to seriously dwell on the matter and see that pendency was reduced. Quoting a popular adage, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’, Shri Naidu emphasized the need to undertake reforms to improve the functioning of judicial institutions to ensure speedy justice and equitable justice particularly to the common man.

Saying that Indian Constitution envisages independence of judiciary, Shri Naidu said that the all the three organs – the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary must share healthy and mutual respect and complement the role of each other. No one should encroach into others’ domains, he added. Pointing out that India is among the fastest growing economies, he said: “the whole world is now looking towards India as an investment destination. However, we need to ensure that there is a transparent, predictable policy regime and a sound judicial, regulatory system in place”. The Vice President said that a robust regulatory architecture gives confidence to investors, especially for a country like India that has become a bright spot for investments.

The Vice President reminded the advocates that founding fathers of the Constitution reposed implicit trust and faith in the legal community and urged them to protect the constitutional values. Shri Naidu also urged the Bar Association to also promote usage of local languages in courts as it was convenient and appropriate that the proceedings were held in the respective state’s official language. Pointing out that there was a general feeling that due to mushrooming of Law Colleges in every nook and corner without any infrastructure, library or good faculty, the standards of legal profession were coming down substantially, Shri Naidu called upon all the Bar Councils to see that those type of Law Colleges do not mislead the students and ensure that a proper mechanism and standards were set in place.



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